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Welcome to the blog for The Abby Faria Mysteries published by Sumach Press/CSPI. I am very interested in your
comments and questions. If you are having any trouble accessing these books, please let me know.
I am currently working on a third adventure with Abby.
This will take her deep into Toronto's Little Italy and, once again, she will find herself trying to help a very close friend.
I hope you enjoy the books and find this blog a helpful resource.
Have fun! I look forward to questions for Abby or Vivian.

Sincerely Vivian Meyer

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Review: Amy Lavender Harris: Spacing Magazine

Toronto's Kensington Market hosts fast-paced intrigue in Vivian Meyer's highly readable new mystery novel, Bottom Bracket. The double meaning of 'bottom bracket' (the lowest socio-economic echelon and the axle casing on a bicycle) comes vividly o life in Abigail Faria, a bike courier whose curiosity about a local murder brings her into contact with good and bad cops, corrupt developers, and friends whose underworld and upper-class connections, computer hacking skills, excellent coffee, and local solidarity combine to uncover dark deeds and bring their doers to a uniquely Kensington Market style of justice.

Bottom Bracket is an essential Toronto read. Deft and confidently written it is an important addition to the city's literature because it inverts gender and class dynamics and narrates the bottom bracket as having the capacity to harness the resources of the wealthy and powerful to their own ends, for a change.

— Amy Lavender Harris, Spacing Magazine
Winter/Spring 2007

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