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I am currently working on a third adventure with Abby.
This will take her deep into Toronto's Little Italy and, once again, she will find herself trying to help a very close friend.
I hope you enjoy the books and find this blog a helpful resource.
Have fun! I look forward to questions for Abby or Vivian.

Sincerely Vivian Meyer

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Review: Ragged Chain: Margaret Cannon: Globe Review

By Vivian Meyer, Sumach, 221 pages, $16.75

This is the second outing for budding Toronto PI Abby Faria, and it shows that Vivian Meyer is no one-book wonder. Faria's debut in Bottom Bracket, set in Toronto's Kensington Market, was a delightful romp. Ragged Chain, which takes us on a bike tour of one of British Columbia's gorgeous Gulf Islands, is just as clever, and Abby is as engaging a central character as one could desire.

The story begins with Abby, her friend Anita (the survivor from Bottom Bracket) and her boyfriend, Dr. Andy Jaegar, at the airport headed for a well-deserved holiday. Then Anita is terrified when she sees someone from her past ordeal. Is it possible that danger is still following her? Worse, the man is having an animated chat with Andy. When Abby intervenes, he seems a positive paean to the normal, cheerily recommending bike trails and fun visits.

Once installed on luscious Peregrine Island, Abby, Anita and Andy are ready for sun, scenery and fun, but there's the noxious odour wafting over from the nearby paper mill, and then the dead body of the local pulpwood magnate is discovered. Abby is soon up to her ears in ecological warfare and murder.

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