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Welcome to the blog for The Abby Faria Mysteries published by Sumach Press/CSPI. I am very interested in your
comments and questions. If you are having any trouble accessing these books, please let me know.
I am currently working on a third adventure with Abby.
This will take her deep into Toronto's Little Italy and, once again, she will find herself trying to help a very close friend.
I hope you enjoy the books and find this blog a helpful resource.
Have fun! I look forward to questions for Abby or Vivian.

Sincerely Vivian Meyer

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Review: Shelley Glodowski: Shelley's Bookshelf

Vivian Meyer writes from experience. Her life work is in an alternative school in downtown Toronto...Kensington Market as depicted in the novel is her own home neighbourhood.

Abby Faria is a college graduate with an upscale mom. But she is living in Kensington Market in inner-city Toronto. She works as a bike courier... a murder occurs almost on her doorstep...

Bottom Bracket is a compelling first novel, written with sensitivity and a matter-of-fact vision about the nature of poverty and the drug world. Abby Faria is a delightful heroine who stands still for no one and has a heart of gold. She is an obvious favourite within the confines of her world, and even her mother can't be angry at her. She is intelligent and hip, and her world quickly becomes the reader's as Meyer carefully leads us through Kensington Markets inhabitants, who form a funky co-op in watching out for one another.

Plot and action co-exist with Abby's thoughts as she races her way through her obligations and the realization that she is acting mostly alone. Abby steals our heats as she solves the murder; helps her friends; and even befriends one of the villains. An excellent first effort!

— Shelley Glodowski, Shelley's Bookshelf
MBR Bookwatch (June/07)

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